We put the Stanleys in the barn for winter and hope to see you in the summer of 2024! Please check back then. Thank you!

The Stanley Steamer

Tour Orcas Island in an original, fully restored Stanley Steamer Model 88 Mountain wagon.

100 years ago, the Stanley Automobile Company had developed the most powerful and dependable automobiles made in America. The largest and most unique was the Model 88 Mountain Wagon. It was equipped with a locomotive type steam engine and over-sized wheels which could utilize the steam for braking. It was unsurpassed in its safety and utility in the mountains of America. For many years, Washington’s mountains were the home to a fleet of these amazing machines.

Only 247 of the Stanley Steamer Model 88 Mountain Wagons were manufactured between 1909 and 1915, and of those, only 24 originals survive.

Experience history! Come and join us on a tour of Orcas Island!

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